Fields of Study


  • Financial Mathematics
  • Industrial Mathematics
  • Applied Statistics
  • Computational Science


"Old mathematicians never die; they just pass into another field." Anonymus

In the PACM program you will:

  • Integrate and synthesize principles of advanced mathematics to solve current, real-life problems.


  • Develop and employ discrete and continuous analytical mathematical models to solve problems and predict behaviors in current, real-life situations.


  • Demonstrate the ability to perform appropriate numerical computations and analysis to achieve deeper understasnding on applied problems from diverse settings.


  • Develop, assess, and employ appropriate experimental, statistical models using various statistical procedures and tests to solve problems and predict future events in real-world situations.
  • Develop, assess, and employ mathematical models from random physical processes to represent unknown, un-modeled details of a system, make quantitative predictions, and to optimize performance of a system in real-world situations.


  • Communicate, orally and in writting, mathematical findings to mathematicians and non-mathematicians professionals.


  • Demonstrate ability to manage projects and work in teams while understanding what contributes to team success.


  • Employ business fundamentals in real-world situations.

Professional Applied and Computational Mathematics

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