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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Professional Science Master's Degree (PSM)?

Designed for a broad range of science and technology disciplines, the innovative Professional Science Master's (PSM) programs are hybrid degrees that combine a rigorous science-based curriculum with management, marketing, and other industry-relevant skill sets.

Typically, PSM programs consist of two years of formal academic coursework in a scientific or interdisciplinary field, along with a professional plus component that might include internships and cross-training in business and communication skills. Specifically designed to meet the needs of regional industry partners, PSM graduates have numerous employment opportunities for STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in high growth sectors of the economy.

What do you learn in a PSM Program?

Most PSM programs are interdisciplinary across a wide range of STEM fields. For example, Physics majors may wish to study physics entrepreneurship, health physics, or nanoscale physics, while microbiology students might choose a PSM in food safety, microbial systems analysis, or industrial microbiology.

Additionally, PSM students learn various career skills, and interact with local business and public sector employers, who act as advisors to their program or internship mentors. It is this close cooperation with local employers that guarantees that the skills and subject matter taught are cutting edge and relevant.

Where do PSM Graduates work?

Employers of recent PSM graduates in the biosciences range from large, multinational pharmaceutical companies to newer biotechnology companies. Graduates with an interest in intellectual property and technology transfer are working with the federal government or for university technology transfer operations, while final mathematics graduates are popular hires for banks, brokerage houses, and insurance industry. Forensic chemists are finding exciting opportunities with state and local forensic laboratories. Regardless of employment sector, PSM graduates are finding exciting, well-compensated careers.

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