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Internship and Career Opportunities

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Common Job Titles for PSM Degree Graduates

  •     Analyst
  •     Project Manager
  •     Research Associate
  •     Product Manager
  •     Statistician
  •     Business Development Manager
  •     Mathematician
  •     Consultant Programmer
  •     Program Manager
  •     Regulatory Specialist





Buffalo State's innovative professional applied and computational mathematics program has been specifically designed to meet employers' growing needs for workers with both mathematical and business communications skills. Increasingly, employers are seeking workers who can solve problems and develop data-based strategic plans.

Graduates of the program are prepared for managerial positions in a wide range of departments, including operations, finance, and information technology. With competitive salaries and exciting career opportunities awaiting them upon completion of the degree, students find PACM program to be a gateway to the rapidly growing fields of applied math and technology.

Internship and Career Opportunities are provided by the Career Development Center (CDC) through the Online Resource for Career Advancement (ORCA). For technical support, contact the CDC.


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